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BIZ Nest is a simple and young company but we are all very focused and innovative to design the foundation of Destination Based Lifestyle.

BIZ Nest ( Business with a Nest ) is the way of our Future Lifestyle! As data and trends indicate, our ecosystem has already started witnessing a strong and focused nomad community which has relocated and activated its lifestyle from aspiring destinations across the world and this community is growing bigger every year. Bold founders, professionals and even salaried individuals have quit their busy city lifestyle and have started living a healthy and happy lifestyle in smaller towns. We are building the bridge for these nomads by helping them settle in an aspiring destination like Goa via our fully-stack solution by providing co-working, co-living and workations to ensure their HAPPINESS!

Age group of 25 – 45 is focused on living a non-asset heavy lifestyle and are more inclined to live Happy, Healthy & Peaceful with Cash in Hand rather than building assets and living in congested, polluted and crowded cities. Since we are Indian’s, Goa is hands down one such beautiful aspiring destination to have your BIZ Nest. We are fully operational and we are already servicing 100’s of brands in Goa. Target to activate 15-20 more such aspiring destinations soon. We are on a mission to make the largest Working Nomad Community in India through the most intuitive and seamless platform experience to work from the most aspiring destinations in India. Join our team and become an integral part of our team to change the world!

We are an early adapted platform of our FUTURE Lifestyle which we are confident will get fully activated in the global ecosystem by the end of this decade. We are the only Destination Based Lifestyle Subscription Platform in India targeted to become a ​National Destination Based Lifestyle Subscription Platform by the end of this decade due to our first mover advantage.

Join our team and become an integral part of our team to make the nation Happier!

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