Abrar is a seasoned entrepreneur with close to 15 years of experience of building startups from scratch and 10+ years of experience as a founder. He has been instrumental and was part of the inception teams which designed the initial Ad-Tech ecosystem via Komli Media and later the TV analog industry which transformed into digitalised TV Guide in India. As a founder he also launched India’s Premier Location Based Discount Search Engine Squeakee and was instrumental in on-boarding and digitalising thousands of local merchants via its proprietary SaaS based platform which was later acquired by ShopClues. Currently he is living the life that he feels happy about and building an ecosystem around the same.

- 20 Years Experience

- 15 Years in Startups

- 10 Years as Founder

- 4 Startups

- 4 Industries

- 3 Startups Acquired

- 1 Acquired while being CEO


Kashif has been into startups since the inception of his career when he started his journey as an intern and climbed up several positions to become the Product & Operations Lead at startups such as Games2Win, Zapak, One97, Paytm. Later he joined as a Co-founder of Squeakee and played an instrumental role in building the platform it till got acquired by ShopClues. He has been a been a founder for 10+ years now and he has encountered several battles in the ups and downs of a startup and when several of them as a Leader. He believes in simple living and hence he has set on this mission to make life happy for as many working individuals as possible via the ecosystem that he has already started constructing.

- 14 Years Experience

- 12 Years in Startups

- 8 Years as Founder

- 3 Startups

- 3 Industries

- 1 Startup Acquired

- 1 Acquired while being Co-founder

Angels & Advisors

Amar Goel

Founder & Chairman Pubmatic - USA

Anand Das

Founder & CTO Bito - USA

Nalin Parbhu

Founder & CTO Infuse - UK

Nitya Sharma

Founder & CEO Simpl - India

Paul Swales

Professional - UK

Massimiliano Altabella


Multiple Founders

Banker Singapore

Banker India