Abrar Shaikh is a very passionate serial entrepreneur. In his 15+ years of startup journey, he has been instrumental not just in setting up early-stage businesses but also standing by them during turbulent times and not QUITTING them to ensure they succeeded.

He has been part of 3 startups in the past in which he participated from inception in domains like Ad Tech, Media & Commence. Komli Media, Whats On-India & Squeakee all the 3 startups that he was part of since inception has raised ~ $150 million + in Equity Funding and all 3 have been ACQUIRED.

Abrar is also an Angle Investor in his personal capacity and has invested in several startups that have become national brands now. He has also activated an incubator in his personal capacity in Goa which already has active startups. He is always active to grow the startup ecosystem.



Kashif Shaikh is a serial entrepreneur and a very visionary startup guy. In his 10+ years of startup journey he has been instrumental not just in setting up early-stage businesses making them operationally stable, profitable and valuable. He is made out of our passion, persistence and patience till it succeeds.

The outcome of his stability and maturity has made him an integral part of the startups he has activated from scratch. He is not shy of starting from scratch and ensuring he leads from the front as a Leader. All the startups that he has built or working for have raised Equity Investments for renowned Institutional Investors and are hugely successful today.

Kashif has been part of corporates and startups such as ICICI Bank, Games2Win, Zapak, & Paytm. He has been instrumental in most of his stints to activate verticals from scratch and deliver maximum output. He is also an Angle Investor and advises many early stage startups.